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Ashirwad Carbonics (India) Pvt Ltd

Ashirwad Carbonics (India) Pvt Ltd

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ISO Tank Container

Ashirwad Carbonics (India) Pvt Ltd

ISO Tank Container is fully insulated with PUF (polyurethane foam). This type of container is used extensively in industries for storage purpose. Can store varied chemicals, liquids and gases under high pressure; the PUF insulation protects the tank container from any change in temperature. These tank containers are offered to clients in both horizontal and vertical arrangement, suitable for both above ground and underground storage purpose.

  • ISO Tank Container
  • ISO Tank Container

Ashirwad Carbonics (India) Pvt Ltd


  • It can store the gas under the pressure from 250 psig (17.2 bar) to 350 psig (24.1 bar) for more than 30 days at 122°F (50°C) without the use of a refrigeration system
  • Leak proof design
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Can be transported in truck or ship
  • Protect the stored liquid or gas from ant change in temperature

Ashirwad Carbonics (India) Pvt Ltd


  • Capacity : 20', 40'
  • Design code : ASME SEC VII DIV-1&3, PD-5500 IS-2825
  • Insulation : PUF insulation with AL cladding/vacuum insulated
  • Pressure vessel : ASME/European standard/IS-2825 coded for maximum working pressure of 300 psig (24 barg)
  • Liquid level gauge : Differential pressure gauge
  • Pressure gauge : 0 to 350 psig (0 to 28Kg/cm2g) with 6” (152.4 mm) dia
  • Piping : Schedule 40/80 seamless pipe, 3000 lb forged stainless steel fittings, ball type valves
  • Safeties : IS-2825 with SMPV rules approved direct spring loaded or pilot operated, sized for unconfined outdoor installation
  • Insulation : Perlite insulation minimum 200MM thickness/PUF insulation
  • Inner jacket specification
    • ASME code section VIII, division I
    • Material: SA 516 grade 70 normalized and impact tested
    • Total volume: 4200 water gallons (15,900 liters)
    • Nominal L-CO2 capacity: 34,200 lb (15,512.8 kg)
    • Design pressure: 24 kg/cm2 G
    • Test pressure: 32 kg/cm2 G
    • Maximum allowable working pressure: 17 kg/cm2 G
    • Baffles: one set carbon steel
    • Design temperature: -40°C)
  • Outer jacket : Pre-finished aluminium for PUF insulation/ outer jacket SS-304 for vacuum insulation.

Ashirwad Carbonics (India) Pvt Ltd


  • Fire fighting application
  • Air catering
  • Fisheries department
  • Welding application
  • Beverage industries
  • Beer bottling plant
  • CO2 cartage filling
  • Dry ice blasting and storage cooling

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